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Provincial Grand Lodge of

Mark Master Masons of Dorset

Provincial Grand Master’s Address - 5th September 2015

Brethren I must start with a number of thanks as a day like today does not just happen, it takes a lot of planning to make it a success;

I have already thanked the Deputy Grand Master and the Grand Lodge team for their attendance today, without which I would not be sat here addressing you.

But I must start by making mention of our retiring Provincial Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Frank Jeremy Shaw who has been an extremely good and popular Provincial Grand Master and leaves me with a very happy Province to take over.

So on with the thanks, firstly I would like to thank the Provincial Grand Secretary and his team for their efforts which have gone into today.

I also thank the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and his team for the ceremonial parts of today and the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies for his assistance in producing the seating plans today.

I am most grateful to Right Worshipful Brother Chris Watton Past Provincial Grand Master for acting as the Presiding Officer today and opening Provincial Grand Lodge ably assisted by Very Worshipful Brother Geoff Prax.

Many thanks must go to both Portland Masonic Hall and Shaftesbury Hall and all those involved for accommodating us here today, it has been a tight fit, but I am of the opinion that we should meet in a Masonic centre if at all possible and also to the Host Lodges and their members and all the other helpers for their invaluable assistance.

To the Eddie Winzar Settlement for their kind generosity in the marvellous presentation made to me this afternoon.

I not only thank but congratulate all those who I have invested today, both for their past services to Dorset Mark and Royal Ark Masonry and for what they will do in the future.

In our excellent magazine ‘Mark Well’, so ably edited by Worshipful Brother Brian Nicholson, I made mention of the large number of extremely kind letters, phone calls and emails I have received since the announcement of my appointment as Provincial Grand Master and I again take this opportunity of saying thank you to each and every one of you for your very kind wishes.

Brethren this is a start of a new era for Dorset Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Masonry, but that does not necessarily mean great changes, there will be some of course, but today is neither the time nor the place to speak of them.

We have a successful and happy Province and it will be my ardent wish to continue to make it more so.

Brethren we are all here today because we love our Mark Masonry and we must not be selfish in keeping that enjoyment to ourselves, so we must strive to share this wonderful degree with our Brethren who are not yet members of it, but equally we must continue to find suitable candidates for the Craft to enable us to eventually make them Mark Men.

Brethren I started this Address with a number of thanks to various people and I would like to return to that theme before  I end,  by offering my heartfelt thanks to  each and every one of you for attending today and sharing this occasion with me, but an especial thanks to two people, first Bro Sammy Burns, who was a longstanding friend of many years to my late Father and for all those of you who knew Dad, wouldn’t he have just loved it here today, he would have dined out on this for years to come! and to our Craft Provincial Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Richard Merritt who I hope will not mind me telling you, joined the Mark Degree so he could be here to see me Installed today, I thank you.

With the sudden and sad demise of Worshipful Brother Richard Moyle our Dorset Mark website has fallen somewhat into hyperspace, so I am extremely pleased that Worshipful Brother Matthew Burt our Provincial Grand Registrar of Marks has found the time amongst his very busy life, to build a new website for Dorset Mark Masonry, this will go live tomorrow as soon as Matthew has uploaded the photos he has taken of today’s meeting.

Brethren please visit our new site which can be found on www.dorsetmark.org.uk

Continuing with Social Media my personal Twitter Account will be changed shortly from ProvDC@Prov_Dorset to MarkPGM@Prov_Dorset, I hope that all my followers will continue enjoy my ramblings.

It is my intention to continue the now established custom to visit Mark District meetings abroad and to that end Sheila and I will be attending the District of Spain on the First Saturday in February 2016 and we would be delighted to have as much company as possible, please contact the Provincial Grand Secretary to obtain details. We are also considering a trip to the District of Bombay in January 2017, probably more than a weekend that one, so plenty of notice there.

Brethren come November 2016 it will be 40 years since I was Initiated into Freemasonry, I realise that will come as a shock to you and I am sure I distinctly heard the gasps of wonder that I cannot possibly be that old……………………………… but it is true.

In those 40 years there have been many Masonic highlights, my Initiation into Freemasonry, the first time I was Installed into the Chair of King Solomon, getting Grand Rank, the list goes on, but Brethren today has to be the best yet, all I can say is ‘Wow’ and I look forward with your support and the aid of the Great Overseer of the Universe to a happy and fulfilling time as your Provincial Grand Master.

© 2015 Dorset Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons